• 1/2 cup of plant-based yogurt or cream (coconut or soy)
  • 3 handfuls of fruits (eg strawberries)
  • 2-3 tablespoons of rice or syrup or malt


  1. In a blender, mix the fruit, yogurt and sweetener into a creamy mass.
  2. Place the ice cream in the box (or in the molds) and place in the freezer for several hours to freeze.
  3. Take out, let loose a little and serve with fresh fruit.


  • Make several types of ice cream by using different fruits – for example, one strawberry, apricot, blueberry, etc. Or make vanilla or chocolate flavor – put more yogurt add carob or cocoa or vanilla.
  • If you put the ice cream in molds, then you can dip them in chocolate.