for 4 cups

  • 3 bigger apples
  • 1 dcl water
  • salt
  • 500 ml plant milk (rice, almond, soy milk etc.)
  • 40 g cornstarch or one vanilla pudding powder
  • 1 dcl barley malt or other sweetener


  1. Wash the apples and cut into larger pieces.
  2. Put the apples in a pot together with water and salt and cook for about 10 minutes under the lid.
  3. Into plant milk mix a bag of vanilla pudding powder or 40g of corn starch.
  4. Bring to boil, add the rice syrup and let it boil for a minute.
  5. Mix the softened apples into smooth.
  6. Pour a part of the apple mixture into cups.
  7. then pour pudding and again the apple mixture. If you like you can use crushed biscuits on the bottom of the cup.
  8. Spread 1/4 apple mixture into the bottom of a cup. Top with 1/4 pudding and repeat four more times. If you like you can top the dessert with a crushed cookie.


Instead of apples you can use pears, summer apricots or peaches.


This dessert is suitable for a child around 1.5 years.