Ingredients (approx 20-25 balls)

  • 200g sesame seeds
  • approx 60g barley malt
  • 4 tablespoons sesame seeds for coating (shredded coconut or nut or almond pieces may also be used)
  • 20-25 peeled almonds (optional)
  • 1-2 tablespoons oat or soya milk powder as thickening (optional)


Mix sesame seeds in blender or in coffee grinder. Put in bowl, add malt and work mixture carefully into play-dough consistence. If it is too dry, add malt, if too thin, add vegan milk powder. Form balls approx. 2-2,5cm in diameter. You can place peeled almond in centre of each ball. Roll in sesame seeds (or shredded coconut, or nut pieces) to coat. They look fancy when each ball is put into its own baking paper cup.


Other types of coating may be used to add variety (nut or almond pieces, cocoa powder, carob, coconut, roasted sunflower seeds etc). You will get a more distinctive flavour if you add a few drops of organic lemon or orange oil.