approx 10 cups

  • approx 1 kg of fruit of your choice (for example: strawberries, a bunch of raisins etc.)
  • pinch of salt
  • 1.5 liters water
  • 2 spoons powdered agar agar
  • mint leaves for decoration


  1. Wash the fruit, cut the apple and pear on small cubes and cook in a pot with water.
  2. Add rinsed raisins and a pinch of salt.
  3. After about 15 minutes, add an agar agar mixed in little cold water in the pot to the fruit.
  4. Wait until it comes to boil again, then turn off, add rinsed currants and gooseberries, mix and pour into cups.
  5. After cooling you can serve.

Praktical info

  • Don’t expect that when the agar agar is added, the fruit will thicken. Everything will be very fluid until it completely cools down. If you give more agar agar, you can cut the dessert into cubes.
  • If you have enough sweet fruit you will not need raisins.


  • You can add any fruit you like. Fruit like apples, pears, apricots or plums is recommended to cook, small fruit is better to put fresh.


  • This dessert is suitable also for small children – with raw fruits in summer and with cooked fruit in winter. If you have a small child and is used to eat raw fruit, then you can also give this dessert without any fears.