Basic Information

I first tried delicious rice puff mosaic at MUDr. Stranadelova’s seminar. It took me quite long to find courage to try to make one myself. I was surprised how easy and fast it was, all you need is to have all the ingredients ready at hand.

The mosaic is long-lasting and it is easy to handle as well, which makes it an ideal travel food. It’s about time we shared the recipe with you.

Ingredients for one large tray

  • 2  1/2 packs rice puffs (200g)
  • 1 cup rice or barley malt
  • 100 g high quality virgin oil (ideally sesame, almond or nut)
  • 1 cup raisins (200g)
  • 1 1/2-2 cups seeds and nuts (linseed, sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, almonds etc.)


Grease tray with oil or line it with baking paper. Rinse raisins with hot water ane leave them to soak for a few minutes. Leave them to drain afterwards.

Rinse all seeds, nuts and almonds you have decided to use and dry-roast them slowly on a non-stick skillet. They will need a lot of stiring to prevent burning. At the end use the skillet for drying the raisins.

Make sure all the ingredients are handy together with the tray. You will not have time to look for, or fetch, anything once you start the following process.

Heal oil in large saucepan, add salt and malt. Stir until foam appears. Turn off heat and add seeds, almonds, dried fruit and finally oats. Stir thoroughly and transfer mixture on tray with baking paper. Put baking paper on top as well and press mixture with hands or with a rolling pin or cutting board. Leave to cool down and rest for at least one hour. Then cut into pieces or shapes of your choice and serve.

The mosaic should be dry and not sticky.


Your mosaic will be different every time you make it, when you use different mixture or different kinds of nuts, seeds and dried fruit. You can also use lesser amount of rice puffs and replace it with seeds, nuts or dried fruit as well.

If your mosaic appears too moist and sticky, you can put it in the owen to dry for 10-20 minutes on 160’C. This will also alter its taste slightly.

You can also leave out seeds and make the mosaic with nuts only or vice versa. Or you can use just one type or seeds. I do not recommend to leave out raisins or dried fruit altogether as they supply the snack with pleasant sweetness.

The mosaic is long-lasting and it is easy to handle as well, which makes it an ideal travel food. It usually disappears very quickly in our house.


Suitable for children aged 1.5 years and older. Depending how many teeth they have or how skilled they are with nuts and seeds. Please note that the main ingredients here is puffed which is not ideal for children. Save the mosaic for special occasions or for travelling.